Ashley Fisk

I really don’t have a dramatic story. I grew up in church and was saved when I was in the middle school.

Christianity is not about perfection; I think that is what I would like people to know about me and my walk.

The coolest thing about Christ is he knows we aren’t perfect and loves us anyway. He loves EVERYONE anyway. He doesn’t say, ‘I love you if you weren’t this or if you don’t do that,’, but he loves us faults and all.

What a huge comfort that is when we feel pressure everywhere to be something different or to change things about ourselves.

My Life

  • Friends describe me
  • Hobbies
    art, interior design, Zumba
  • In college I drove
    '85 Audi
  • College for undergrad degree
  • Favorite city
    New York
  • Favorite coffee
    Starbucks Latte
  • If I were not a professor, I would
    be an interior designer
    Clemson University
    South Carolina
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