Kevin James

I met Jesus early in life. I spent most of my college days ignoring him, rejecting my parents’ faith and pursuing a work hard – play hard philosophy of life.

Although I was very successful and had many friends, I finally realized that this was not taking me where I wanted. I was not truly happy although I had a lot of (fleeting) good times. I began to pursue my own faith in Christ and that has made all the difference for me.

I have been asked if being an academic and being a Christian causes conflict. It doesn’t for me. I believe that God gave us brains because He wants us to think. I don’t believe He is threatened in the least bit by my/our pursuit of the truth. In fact, I think that God wants us to pursue the truth in all situations.

For more information about my professional life check out my Clemson webpage.

My Life

  • Hobbies
    building schools in 3rd world countries, working out, biking, running, swimming, hiking
  • In college I drove
  • College for undergrad degree
    University of Georgia
  • Best advice I ever got
    Listen more and talk less.
  • Favorite books
    The Shack
  • Favorite city
    Fernandina Beach, Florida
  • Favorite coffee
    Starbucks Sumatra
  • If I were not a professor, I would
  • Latest accomplishment
    Helped build a 5th grade building for a school in Managua, Nicaragua (Summer 2011)
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