Profile Picture Name State University Department
Abel A. BartleySouth CarolinaClemson UniversityHistory
Amy SawyerSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityForeign/Classical Languages
Ashley FiskSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityEnglish
Beth MarshSouth CarolinaTri-County Technical CollegeComputer science
Bill FiskSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityEducation
Carl BaumSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityElectrical Engineering
Charles PrivetteSouth CarolinaClemson University
Charles HarringtonSouth CarolinaUniversity of South Carolina UpstateManagement
Col Lance YoungSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityManagement
David H. VawterSouth CarolinaWinthrop UniversityEducation
Deanna HiottSouth CarolinaUniversity of South Carolina UpstateNursing
Deb J McQuilkinSouth CarolinaUniversity of South Carolina ColumbiaNursing
Debbie SmithSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityEducation
Dr. Linda Karges-BoneSouth CarolinaCharleston Southern UniversityEducation
Ethan KungSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityMechanical/Design Eng
Freda SueSouth CarolinaUniversity of South Carolina UpstateArt & Art History
Gregory MockoSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityMechanical/Design Eng
Greta FreemanSouth CarolinaUniversity of South Carolina UpstateEducation
J. David WoodardSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityPolitical Science
Joe J DonofrioSouth CarolinaSherman College of ChiropracticHealth Science
Joel E. WilliamsSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityHealth Science
John LeiningerSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityGraphic Communication
Joseph WeberSouth CarolinaPresbyterian CollegeMedicine
Katharine M. GibbSouth CarolinaUniversity of South Carolina UpstateNursing
Kevin JamesSouth CarolinaClemson UniversityMathematics & Statistics
Profile Picture Name State University Department