Allison McCrady

I have been an instructor at LCC since 2005. I started out teaching adult basic skills (GED) and English as a Second Language classes, and I'm currently teaching in the CEO program helping students finish their high school credits and transition into college. I love teaching math and social studies subjects. I have three adult daughters who are all married, and 3 grandsons (with one more on the way). I lived in Longview for 25 years but recently moved to Vancouver. I am the faculty advisor for the Christian Club at LCC, and also volunteer with a campus ministry group called Cru at WSU-V. I love reading, walking, and traveling, and I would love to try rock climbing someday! At the center of my identity is my relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe that there is one true God who created the universe and is sovereign over it. He has revealed himself in the Bible and He desires to have a relationship with each one of us. That relationship is only possible because of the redemptive work of Jesus' death and resurrection. I can't imagine trying to live life without the love, security, and comfort I have in knowing God and trusting in Him. Please let me know if you have any questions about my faith, or would like me to pray for you!

My Life

Favorite Quote

"Be kinder than necessary to those you meet, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Friends describe me

Friendly, funny, nerdy

My hobbies

Reading, being out in nature, traveling

Fantasy dinner guests

C.S. Lewis, Benedict Cumberbatch, Viggo Mortenson

Best advice I ever received

Let go and let God

My undergrad alma mater

Western Washington University

My worst subject in school


In college I drove

Nothing, I was too poor

If I weren't a professor, I would

Be a nanny for a really rich family and travel the world

Favorite books

Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis), Exclusion and Embrace (Miroslav Volf), anything by Dick Francis

Favorite movies

Notting Hill, 28 Days Later, Indiana Jones

Favorite city

Vancouver, Washington

Favorite coffee

Starbucks Flat White

Nobody knows I

can't belch

My latest accomplishment

I helped plan an event for Christian professors in the Portland area.

Current Research

Understanding Critical Theory and it's implications for Christians in today's society