Bill Cook

God's love surrounds us. Throughout my life God has made Himself real so many times. I was raised in a Christian home, accepted Christ at an early age, and even went to a Christian school for a while. Then my family moved away from my friends and grandparents down to North Carolina. As a teenager I resented this move and didn't understand why my parents would do this or God would allow this. Years later I can see that it was all part of God's plan. You see, he moved me right across the street from my future wife. Without the move I would have never met her. My plan was to stay with my friends. God had a better plan. Fast-forward to the end of graduate school. I finished my Ph.D. and didn't land a job. The semester ended and I didn't know what I would be doing in the fall. What I didn't realize is that the Lord was preparing a post-doc position for me at Rutgers University. If I had received ANY offer, I would have taken it. But since I didn't, I got to learn to trust and be patient. Then I got my dream position. The Lord always has a better plan. Through each of life's difficulties whether it is a car wreck or my wife being hospitalized, I have found the Lord carefully working out his perfect plan for me. It isn't always easy to trust and it isn't always obvious what He is doing, but I can rest assured that it is always for my best, for His best.

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Everyone is an example. Some people hold up an example to admire and emulate. Some people appear as a warning of a path to be avoided.

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Bob Jones University

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