Brad Stinnett

Life is full of constant battles and struggles (I know mine certainly has been). Although I grew up in a Christian home/family, I did not publicly profess my faith in Jesus Christ until my early 30's. It is so refreshing and encouraging to me that I no longer "do life" on my own. I turn all of my challenges over to Christ and follow His guidance. My commitment to love and follow Jesus not only has transformed my life, but has produced some intriguing developments in my life - most of which were previously unimaginable. Since making the decision to follow Christ, I found myself reading the Bible more, participating in small groups, serving in a variety of capacities within my church, becoming a Deacon, and taking part in two mission trips. My mission work is a great example of how Christ transformed me into a more compassionate and loving individual. Taking part in these activities, after giving my life to Christ, is more than just a coincidence! Being a Christian (who happens to be a professor) on a college campus does have its challenges, but my story continues to unfold. I am excited to see how God continues to work in my life. I know there are other areas in my life that will be impacted by Him that I cannot even begin to imagine at this time.

My Life

My hobbies

Basketball, Golf, Reading, Youth Sports

Favorite books

History, Sports, Non-Fiction

Favorite movies

Hoosiers, Cast Away, Patton, The Shining (yikes)

Favorite coffee

Folgers Classic Roast