Calvin Stevens

I am in my encore career; there have been two before this one. Now I teach management and HR at Cal Poly. It's a wonderful third career, and I've wondered sometimes why I did not do this from the get-go, as it is wonderfully satisfying. But God has a reason for layering on the experiences of all my past lives to bring me to this present one. I've been in Christian work (Church staff positions), and doing Organizational Development at Intel Corp. All of it, including an array of stumbles, high points, and the ordinary and unremarkable trudging between those extremes, has sustained a family (Nancy, 3 kids, now also 3 grandkids). These memories also blend sweetly to inform and delight my time with students.

My Life

Favorite Quote

"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together."

Friends describe me

Calm (most days), rarely intense, enthusiastic, loquacious, intuitive, focused on ideas, visionary, relational.

My hobbies

Travel, camping, reading, film, writing.

Fantasy dinner guests

Dinner party with Jesus and the Disciples (yes, Judas too; I have some questions), Matin Luther, Wolfgang Mozart

Best advice I ever received

Get a mentor (wish I had done that; it would have helped).

My undergrad alma mater

Vanguard University

My worst subject in school

Math. "Worst" not due to dislike--quite the opposite--but because I preferred the humanities.

In college I drove

myself to school. 🙂

If I weren't a professor, I would

Writer; speaker.

Favorite books

Bible, Les Miserables,

Favorite movies


Favorite city

San Luis Obispo

Favorite coffee

Coastal Peaks SLO: "Organic Sienna"

Nobody knows I

met my wife on the Dating Game TV show, in LA, in the 70's. (Well, some people know this...)

My latest accomplishment

I've occasionally received the HR/Management Prof of the year over a couple of the recent years.