Chad Young

In 1999, I was a senior in college. I was a physics major and minoring in English; I like to take creative writing classes. In one of those classes, I began writing a short story about my youth. Even though I was a fairly good kid growing up, I began to think about how, really, I engaged in a lot of hateful behavior. Then, I began to think about a holy and perfect exactly did I stack up against perfection? I knew, in that year, that I would wither in comparison to a God that is holy and good. Even though I was a "good person," I was nothing compared to my Creator. In November 1999, I picked up a Bible. I drove to a nearby town to purchase it, so nobody I knew would see me. During that month, I read the whole thing, staying up all night and unable to put it down. In those pages, I found the solution to my problem of not being good enough to satisfy a holy God. The remedy for my problem was in Jesus Christ. He was the perfect solution to an insolvable problem. Looking back today, adopted as a son of God in Christ, I know that the Holy Spirit was teaching me how utterly insufficient I was to appease my Creator. Further, my Lord wanted me to be close to Him, so He drew me closer and closer. Finally, the Holy Spirit, who is God, revealed to me the nature of work of Jesus Christ. This man is God incarnate. He was born and walked around on Earth, teaching others about the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom in which He is the King. Unlike most kings, Jesus did not wear fancy robes or a jeweled crown. He wore a dirty robe and kneeled to wash the feet of his followers. He demonstrated the love of the Father, a love that sacrifices oneself for the sake of His children. Jesus died on the cross and offered forgiveness for the hatred we had towards God--this act is still adored and worshiped by the angels in heaven--now, we accepted that forgiveness and are made heirs to the Kingdom of God. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!

My Life

Favorite Quote

Even angels long to look into these things.

My hobbies

camping, running, cycling, reading, hanging out with my dog

Best advice I ever received

As a professor, don't expect your students to be like you.

My undergrad alma mater

Mississippi State University (though I'm a Longhorn at heart)

My worst subject in school

Math and Handwriting (I made Ds in both!)

In college I drove

a Nissan pickup

If I weren't a professor, I would

be a pastor (oh wait, I am a pastor)

Favorite city

Wherever I live!

Favorite coffee


Current Research

In administration, physics education, star formation