Chris Dicus

Grew up as a dirt-poor kid in Arkansas. Had my own "Saul of Tarsus epiphany" at 16 while I was mocking God and have been a full-on Jesus-freak since then. Viva la Jesus for coming after a moron like me! Been married to my bride-for-life since 1992 and currently raising 3 grown kids (how did I get so old???). I'm well aware of my own shortcomings and regularly scratch my head as to why the Lord would use us yahoos to do his work. I'm not the man I want to be, but I reckon I never will while on this side of Glory (3 cheers for mercy!!!).

My Life

Favorite Quote

"Ya see, me and the Lord have an understanding. We're on a misssion from God" - Jake & Elwood Blues 1980

Friends describe me


My hobbies

Backpacking, surfing, writing music

Fantasy dinner guests

The kids we sponsor via

Best advice I ever received

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness...

My undergrad alma mater

Louisiana Tech

My worst subject in school

Mammology (had to trap, kill, and stuff 10 species of critters)

In college I drove

Raggedy old Toyota Celica (I was one of only 2 people in the entire School of Forestry that didn't own a pickup)

If I weren't a professor, I would

Be a federal research scientist (or homeless)

Favorite books

The Silmarillion (Tolkien), The Shack (Young)

Favorite movies

Blues Brothers

Favorite city

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Favorite coffee


Nobody knows I

Fronted a blues band in Baton Rouge (yeah, I know, a pasty, over-educated, white boy sings the blues...)

My latest accomplishment

Loving my bride of 30+ years more deeply now than when I did as a hormone-crazed 19-year old.

Current Research

My academic specialty areas include... (1) Wildfire in the Wildland-Urban Interface (2) Impacts of fuel treatments on wildfire behavior and ecosystem services.