Chris Petruzzi

I was raised as a Presbyterian, and always prayed regularly, but I did not really become a Christian believer until I was 39 years old. At that time, I was divorced and saw my career as a failure. I felt that my life was not worth living, I asked God to take my life, and that became the beginning of a series of spiritual experiences in which God showed me that He was there, that He loved me, and that the Bible was all true. I became active in fundamentalist churches, but, with some irony, I am now part of an evangelical Presbyterian church in San Clemente, CA. I remarried shortly after my experience of becoming a Christian, and I am now the father of an 18 month old and a 12-year old who is a believer. My second marriage is successful. In recent years, I have managed a successful hedge fund, and that has given new success to my career. Most important, I continue to experience God's love and the love of my fellow Christians.

My Life

Best advice I ever received

Be careful what you seek because you might get it.

My undergrad alma mater

Wabash College