David Blecher

Personal details: Married to Kindra, live in Houston, I am a math professor (teacher and researcher) by trade. I studied in Cambridge, England, and Edinburgh Scotland (where I got my Ph. D. in 1988). I've been in Houston pretty much since then. I was born in London, but was raised in South Africa. I have 4 children, 3 daughters at home (age 7,8,9; great ages, all adopted from China). On this website I see most say something about their faith. I became a Christian while going through a really hard time, which caused me to examine what really matters in life. As a mathematician I have no problem approaching infinity, and basing my life's calculations on it. By training I know that opposing infinity is futile! "Seek good and not evil, that you may live". Some variant of Pascal's wager has enormous merit in my opinion. My beliefs are not novel in any way, but are classic, the kind that has remained unchanged over all the centuries. This presents quite challenge enough.

My Life

My hobbies

Hiking, camping, reading, spending time with my wife and family

Best advice I ever received

Find out who you are, and then don't forget it.

Favorite books

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Favorite movies

Most recent: Just saw "I Am David" with my kids

Favorite city

Rome (see below)

Favorite coffee

Italian roast

My latest accomplishment

Just adopted our third daughter from China