David Keil

My Life

Friends describe me

Quiet, enthusiastic, hard-working, nerdy, conversationally challenged

My hobbies

Hiking, photography, plant-collecting

Best advice I ever received

Keep current in my profession; don't slip into the trap of unproductivity

My undergrad alma mater

Arizona State University'Botany major

My worst subject in school

I didn't really have a worst subject

In college I drove

1962 Ford Falcon; I drove it everywhere, including in and out of desert washes

Favorite books

Lord of the Rings

Favorite movies

Second Hand Lions, The Gods Must be Crazy, Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines

Favorite city

I don't like cities

Favorite coffee

I'm not a coffee snob

My latest accomplishment

I spent 18 days with family and friends rafting down the Grand Canyon