Deb McQuilkin

I became a professor in 2005 after a career of 30 years in clinical nursing. With a background in public health, neonatal nursing and administration, I took on the responsibility of the capstone course in our program. Preparing and graduating nurses is a passion. But it came from a commitment to build people and assist them to get to a better place than they could by themselves. I had been a pastor’s wife for 30 years, teaching, building relationships, and traveling internationally with service groups assisting in development and building into their spiritual lives. It was this passion for international service learning that directed my doctoral work. After a systematic review of the literature, I developed best practice recommendations for international immersion experiences. It didn’t hurt that my second husband is known for his global impact. I have been privileged to accompany him around the world speaking and caring about people working away from their home country. Currently, I teach health systems administration and communication and my background has fed into my current assignment. I am preparing to take students to Germany in Maymester and help them assimilate all their nursing concepts in a cross cultural setting. What has been defining moments in my life? Probably there are four, realization as a high school student that I wanted the quality of relationships I have observed in the leaders of my youth group and choosing their priorities to be my priorities, secondly, the huge vacuum created by the loss of my first husband and redefining myself as an individual, and thirdly the new life created with my second husband. But every one of my later choices has been based on that decision I made in my youth group at 16 years old.

My Life

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Excellence honors God and imspires people. Bill Hybels

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UNC Greensboro