Ethan Kung

I was born in Asia and introduced to the church at a young age. Being at church felt like home but I did not know any theology and what faith in God was. I moved to Canada during my teenage years and went through a lengthy period of difficult time trying to fully adapt to the new culture. I was not involved at church all throughout high school and college. I had a hard time trusting anyone and lived my life as a lone wolf. In those years I thought a lot about life, philosophy, and what it all meant. It was the darkest time of my life. I still thought about God, but struggled with a lot of intellectual questions regarding Christianity. I started seeking out answers to those questions in graduate school when I became involved with the Reformed University Fellowship. After 2 years of wrestling and learning a lot about apologetic topics, I finally had enough confidence to give my life to Christ. During the initial period of drawing closer to God, I began to open up myself and let others get close. I saw the genuineness of God's people and was able to take a step to have faith in them. Being in community does wonders for one's soul and gave me a sense of motivation in life to bring good to God's kingdom together with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

My Life

Favorite Quote

"I am okay with being unimpressive, I sleep better that way"

Friends describe me

As creative and unconventional.

My hobbies

Catching wildlife, playing music, climbing rocks, and Parkour.

Fantasy dinner guests

Steve Irwin

My undergrad alma mater

Queen's University (Ontario, Canada)

My worst subject in school

Social Studies

In college I drove

a pair of human legs.

If I weren't a professor, I would

have lots of free time.

Favorite movies

The Matrix, Fight Club, Avengers, Wreck it Ralph

My latest accomplishment

I caught and ate a deer.

Current Research

Cardiovascular Biomechanics: medical device development and testing, computational modeling of physiology and fluid dynamics