Evans Igho Akpo

It was a great opportunity to have been able to live in three different countries, learning, and now teaching. I am a lecturer that believes the best in my students and will not give up on them because my commitment is to see the best in them until they are able to see the best in themselves. I was the least likely to get a formal education because I was told I would be behind in life by a professor many years ago. With encouragement, determination and most importantly faith in God, I was provided with the right association and opportunity to overcome all the challenges. I started my studies in British American College now Regents University in London, then proceeded to Huron University now Hult International Business School. While graduating with International distinction at Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri, for my Undergraduate and graduate studies, I met some of the most amazing professors like Dr. Pease and Weeks that inspired me towards being my best. With the inspiration and determination, I was inspired by Prof. Martin Morales of Consumnes River College after giving me opportunities to teach and be a faculty at Consumnes River College, Sacramento, California. I am currently living in Sugar Land, Texas after living in the Valley for years when I relocated from California. Living in McAllen has been a pleasure and a honor as I enjoyed a new culture. The community is family oriented and friendly hence I can call it home.

My Life

Favorite Quote

You can be all you want to be if you believe. All things are possible to the believers.

Friends describe me

Purpose driven, Positive and energetic.

My hobbies


Fantasy dinner guests

C.S Lewis

Best advice I ever received

Do not settle for anything less than what you are supposed to be

My undergrad alma mater

Webster University

My worst subject in school


In college I drove


If I weren't a professor, I would

a Medical Doctor

Favorite books

Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis. The Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Pierre. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.

Favorite movies

Save the last dance, Blues Brothers

Favorite city


Favorite coffee


My latest accomplishment

Final stage of my doctoral dissertation. Completion of my summer classes because initially it seemed impossible when I started. But now done.

Current Research

An Examination Of Factors Influencing First Generation Latino Students: Based on Tinto's Persistence Theory.