Gabriel Chen

I grew up in Mainland China as an atheist through education, though at a very young age, I thought of death and wished that humans would never die. When I grew older, I was so occupied by school and a goal of getting into college so as to live a better life that I just stopped thinking about the matter of life and death and passively accepted the unfortunate fate of death facing all humans. Upon graduation from college in China in 2003, I came to the U.S. and attended the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. The subsequent years became a turning stage in my life. By attending Bible study activities regularly at a nearby Christian meeting place, my inner eyes were gradually opened and I finally saw the Light of Life I had dreamed of seeing when I was little. I also saw a brand new way of life and eternal hope through Jesus Christ, my personal Savior. From that point on, life has truly become a journey for me and God has greatly blessed me on everything no matter where I go.