Gbola Adesogan

From Despair to Life and Joy as ‘God’s donkey’ My life before Christ I was raised in a Christian home in Nigeria. At the age of 8, I invited Jesus into my life. In high school I drifted away from God as I got more active in sports. In my late teens in college, I wondered about the purpose of life as I saw a lot of pain and suffering in the world and could not find an answer. Over time, I became increasingly withdrawn, antisocial, even vindictive and somewhat sadistic. I earned a nickname that reflected my high alcohol consumption and antisocial nature. I often wished I would die as I rode my ex-police motorcycle in a drunken state after all night parties. Despite this wild side, I still went to church occasionally, sometimes reeking of alcohol from the night before. How I came to Christ At a Christian student meeting I reluctantly attended in 1986, I heard about the donkey Jesus chose to ride on for His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. As prophesied by Jesus, the disciples found it tied down or restrained - implying it was yielded as it waited quietly for the Master’s use. I felt challenged that I needed to surrender my life to the Lord and be fully available to Him like the donkey was. I knew I could no longer live with partial commitment to the Lord; I had to be fully set apart for Him. This led me to surrender control of my life to Jesus Christ. My life after Christ Once I accepted Christ, He put in me a hunger for reading the Bible and praying. To my surprise (and everyone else’s), I lost my craving for alcohol and my sense of despair. Instead of my death wish, I wanted to live because I understood the purpose of my life: It is to live in a way that honors the Lord and to help others come to know Him. I realized then and still believe that I had made the most important and consequential decision of my life on that day in 1986 and I have not looked back. I look forward to spending eternity with Christ in heaven and until then, I want to live for Him every day.

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Only one life, twill soon be past, only what is done for Christ will last. C.T. Studd

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Riding motorcycles, swimming, travelling

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Take one day at a time

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University of Ibadan

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Suzuki GT550 motorcycle

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The Bible

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The worlds fastest indian

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Improving the nutrition, livelihoods and health of the poor in developing countries using animal-source foods