Gregory Mocko

I grew up in Connecticut and attended a small Catholic Church. I have a great family and was raised with a good work ethic, the basic rules of right and wrong, and helping people through the actions of my mother and father. I went to church on a weekly basis, but never really connected and found it to be compartmentalized from my normal everyday life. As an undergraduate my attendance and interest in church was minimized. Upon graduating, God had his hand on my then fiance and I and sent us to Oregon for graduate school. There was a tremendous pull on my heart and we began to attend and love a Christian Church. We were surrounded by "cool" normal people that loved Jesus, not simply attending church. On Easter 2000, I realized the impact that Christ had on my life and accepted him as Savior. My now wife and I moved to Atlanta, against our desires and want. It was the best thing that happened to us because God continued to do awesome things. We spent five years growing relationships and still learning. In 2006 we moved to Clemson and began attending a local church. I was (finally) baptized in September 2010. Jesus has continued to be a central part of my life in my marriage, family, and work. In August 2010 we have helped to plant a church in Clemson and it has been awesome to see how Jesus continues to work in my life and those that I am able to interact with. I love my career and the ability to interact with and impact many young people through the university.

My Life

My hobbies

Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Making Things

My undergrad alma mater

University of Connecticut

My worst subject in school


In college I drove


Favorite books

A Walk in the Woods

Favorite movies

Field of Dreams