Harold Salas-Kennedy

On my Mother's side of the family, I am a first generation citizen, born in United States from a Mexican immigrant family. Being from a blue collar family, both my parent's families worked the land as field laborers, farmworkers and cowboys. To this day, I admire and highly respect people that continue to work the land and harvest the fields. Having the opportunity to acquire a university education, has created opportunties for my generation that I will forever deeply appreciate. I teach Diversity & American Life, Political History and Religions. As a Christian, my outlook on life is to walk as close to God as I can and to remember that "He" is in charge. He will work things out for the good. In life, I try to represent our Lord in all that I do, to be a good "rep." for God. However, as you know.....at times, its easier said, then done. There are challenges that arise often in life. When they do, I seek out fellow believers for support, to listen to and for prayer. As a young man, my parents helped me to understand that God is precious, that "He" is loving and forgiving. This knowledge helps in all that I do.

My Life

Favorite Quote

Never give up, God will work thinks out for you !

Friends describe me

Student centered and ready to at the drop of hat to talk of my current research or tell a joke.

My hobbies

Are many, some include mountain hiking, working on my 1956 Chevy ( my very first car) and just about anything to do with the ocean.

Fantasy dinner guests

Would be a few of my mentors, Apostel Paul, Benjamin Rush, George Washington, Sojourer Truth, Cesar Chavez, David Livingstone, Albert Schweitzer along with my own family. Once all gathered for dinner, then facilitate a discussion on servant leadership.

My undergrad alma mater

Ventura Community College, University of California, Santa Barbara

In college I drove

A few cars, most died along the way during my undergraduate studies, however my 1956 chevy was my constant pal.

If I weren't a professor, I would

Be tour guide for

Favorite books

The Bible of course ( Psalms, Proverbs are constant reads), books on

Favorite movies

PT 109, Silverado, Saving Private Ryan, Star Trek, Keeping The Faith, lets not forget my childhood favorite, Darby O'Gill and the Little People.

Favorite city

San Francisco, just love that clam chowder and those cable cars !

Favorite coffee

I drink green tea mostly these days.

Nobody knows I

Once worked secuity for a national figure. Scary, but overtly exciting experience.

My latest accomplishment

Being a good Father......