James Gerdeen

I am a "Yupper" from the UP of Upper Michigan. My wife is a "Troll" from below the bridge (Big Mac, the Mackinac Bridge). I probably would have become a lumberjack or carpenter or ore dock worker like my relatives. However two of my High School teachers encouraged me to go to "Da Tech" , Michigan Tech, and study Mechanical Engineering.. I liked it so much I went on to obtain a M.S.from Ohio State University,and a Ph.D. from Stanford University. I worked as a Senior Research Engineer at Battelle (1959-1968) and later became a Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Tech (1968-1989).and then served as Professor and Chair in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado-Denver (1989-2002). I currently teach internet courses at Missouri State in Industrial Management and have taught at Missouri Science and Technology University in Rolla, MO. My research interests have included Computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM); sheet metal forming; and design with polymers and composites. I now live in Columbia, Missouri, home of the University of Missouri, where I am an Affiliate Staff with "Faculty Commons", formerly "Christian Leadership Ministries" a group that supports Christian Faculty on university campuses. I also volunteer time at the International Community Church where I teach "Engineering English" to international Ph.D.students, postdocs, and visiting scholars and help them with their writing and oral presentations.

My Life

Friends describe me

A Christian professor.

My hobbies

Fishing, carpentry, hiking, golf, skiing, snowshowing.

Fantasy dinner guests

A famous author like Os Guiness.

Best advice I ever received

Go to college. Trust Jesus.

My undergrad alma mater

Michigan Tech

In college I drove

1951 Chev.

If I weren't a professor, I would

be a pastor or teacher.

Favorite books

The Call by Os Guiness. John Grisham novels.

Favorite movies

Bridge over the River Kwai

Favorite city


Favorite coffee


My latest accomplishment

Published a BOOK.