Jeff Ertzberger

In high school, I was blessed to have a youth director who taught me and showed me what it meant to be a Christian. His influence was tremendous on me, and I am not sure where I would be had he not taken the time to invest in my life and the lives of hundreds more. While he was not perfect, he showed me what it was like to put God first in all your choices. Committing my life to Christ and becoming a Christian as a high schooler, I have sought to do just that, put God first in all choices. I fail at it each day, but with God’s help, I rise the next day to try again. I seek to show God my love for Him in all that I do. Each day, each choice, is a chance to show an act of worship. Making choices that honor Him, showing him my love for all He has done for me. Teaching is a passion for me. I have been blessed to teach in higher education for over twenty years. I enjoy it, and have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic students over my career. I hope to have a positive influence and provide helpful instruction to each student I encounter.

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If Christ has done this me, what would I not do for Him.

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It's all about relationships

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We will keep it that way.