Jennifer Switkes

I grew up with essentially no faith background. My dad's side of the family was Jewish, and my mom's side of the family was Catholic. We did some cultural things related to each of these religions, but without a heart connection to faith. I did believe in God growing up though. At Harvey Mudd College, I became friends with some Christians. They invited me to explore faith and to learn about Jesus. As I read the Bible for the first time in my life, I was captivated by Jesus. I loved the compassion of Jesus and how Jesus turned power structures upside-down by caring about the weak and the outcast. I decided to become a Christian in my senior year in college and was baptized at Catalina Island after my graduation. In the years since then, I have continued to follow Jesus with joy, and I have become a volunteer pastor. Today, it is sometimes hard to see Jesus because of cultural things that are not actually connected to Jesus. I encourage people to read the Bible and see the amazing compassion, kindness, and power for life change that Jesus brings to us. Let's live a life of loving God and people as we follow the way of Jesus!

My Life

My hobbies

Hiking with friends.

My undergrad alma mater

Harvey Mudd College

Current Research

Mathematical Modeling.