John Walkup

My Life

Friends describe me

A guy who loves to eat....anytime...almost anything!

My hobbies

reading, walking, traveling, playing with my grandkids

Fantasy dinner guests

Michael Faraday, Eric Liddle, Bill Bright, John the Apostle,

Best advice I ever received

My dad suggested I propose to my wife! I did!

My undergrad alma mater

Dartmouth College

My worst subject in school

mechanical drawing (would you believe one of our daughters is an accomplished artist?)

In college I drove

1957 TR-3 ( in graduate school; scholarship students couldn't drive cars when I was an undergraduate

If I weren't a professor, I would

Be a physician or a sports writer for ESPN

Favorite books

Bible (New Living Translation), The Divine Conspiracy, Mere Christianity

Favorite movies

Chariots of Fire, Rudy,

Favorite city

Seattle, San Francisco or Boston

Favorite coffee

Peets French Roast

Nobody knows I

would still love to run a marathon, sang with the Dartmouth Glee Club

My latest accomplishment

I skied at Beaver Creek, CO after 30 years of not skiing