Kim Detwiler

My Life

Friends describe me

Funny, outgoing, athletic, dependable

My hobbies

Cycling, running, hiking, guitar, time with family and friends, oudoor stuff

Fantasy dinner guests

Jesus, great-grandmother Pickens, Grandmother Detwiler,

Best advice I ever received

Never quit and always work hard at whatever you do

My undergrad alma mater

San Diego State University

My worst subject in school

Political Science

In college I drove

1987 VW GTI, then a 1997 VW Golf

If I weren't a professor, I would

Be a full-time athletic trainer (instead of doing both which I do now)

Favorite books

Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion Series

Favorite movies

Anchorman, The Notebook,

Favorite city

San Diego, Eugene, San Francisco, or Florence, Italy

Favorite coffee

Don't drink coffee...OJ low pulp all the way!

Nobody knows I

Sing like a crazy person in my car...okay, people know this but it's all I can think of

My latest accomplishment

Elected chair of the National Athletic Trainers' Association Young Professionals' Committee