Kyle Watters

From a young age I was filled with both a fascination for numbers and a curiosity about the world around me. In the field of physics I was able to combine both of those properties into a career that I love, exploring the amazing universe that we live in. It is my continued study of our universe that has also served to solidify my faith in our Creator. Jesus promised us that even "the stones will cry out" to glorify God, and if we take the time to study creation, we will see that this is indeed true. It is my great pleasure to spend time in both of the 'books' that God has given us: The Book of Scripture and The Book of Nature.

My Life

Favorite Quote

"Who among you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" --Jesus Christ

Friends describe me


My hobbies

Ultimate frisbee, reading, brewing

Fantasy dinner guests

Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein

My undergrad alma mater

Westmont College

In college I drove

An old Toyota Camry that frequently carried more people than it probably should have

Favorite books

Mere Christianity, The Gunslinger, James

Favorite movies

Gladiator, Remember the Titans, Avengers, The Princess Bride

My latest accomplishment

Completing a Spartan Race after being convinced to give it a try by my younger sister (see picture!).