Lindsey Jones

I grew up in a small town, surrounded by a big family. On one long gravel driveway, you could find me, my mom, dad, and brother, my aunt and uncle and three cousins, my great aunt, 2nd cousin, and three 3rd cousins, my paternal grandmother, my maternal grandmother, and my great-grandma and grandpa. When thinking about my journey to faith in Christ, I have a hard time pinpointing one specific moment to mark the beginning, but I know that my family played a huge part in my faith. Thanks to them, I’ve known God for as long as I can remember. Sometime in 4th grade, I recall feeling pulled to ask my family if we could start attending a church. I learned so much more about Jesus and became convinced that He saved me. Of course, growing up so close to so many family members set me up for a bit of heartbreak. I lost some loved ones as I got older and that was difficult, but honestly never challenged my faith. I think that I was so surrounded by love and felt so safe and reassured that even heartbreaking moments didn’t break me. After 18 years in a small town though, I embarked on a new journey. I set off to UNC-Chapel Hill for college and during my four years there, I had some of the best times of my life and also experienced some of my lowest points. Looking back, I think I ventured too far from God when I felt things were going well. That is when I experienced true loneliness for the first time. I then longed for God but felt undeserving of Him. Friends asked me about God, and I honestly did not feel strong enough in my faith to know how to answer. As a result, I felt that I was disappointing God. I prayed for help but prayed inconsistently as my doubts waxed and waned. Finally, after starting nursing school, an opportunity to co-start a Nursing Christian Fellowship (NCF) student group fell into my lap. I continued to doubt whether I was qualified or strong enough in my faith to lead such a group, but I couldn't pull myself away. I was surrounded by others who loved God, and I began to believe in myself. After graduation, I moved to Nashville, TN for a nurse residency program at Vanderbilt. I felt connected to God and kept surrounding myself with people who lifted me up and helped me to feel empowered. I met the love of my life while in Nashville and we are now married with a 1.5-year-old daughter. I feel very blessed, but of course, I know my story is far from complete and my faith is far from perfect. I was young when I made the decision to trust Christ and I have experienced many challenges since then, but God always finds a way to save me (again). I continue to doubt myself often, I feel anxious, I worry. But, regardless, I know that I am loved and that I am not alone. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. -Psalms 91:4

My Life

My hobbies

Soccer, weightlifting, reading, baking

Best advice I ever received

Life is too short not to be happy; Smile!

My undergrad alma mater

UNC-Chapel Hill

My worst subject in school


If I weren't a professor, I would

Just travel the world

Favorite books

The Harry Potter series; Any easy beach reads

Favorite city


My latest accomplishment

Serving on the Board for an amazing non-profit: Health Possible Inc.