Malcolm Keif

Introduction :: If you haven't glanced at the brief notes above, I am a professor in the Graphic Communication Department at Cal Poly. I love what I do (most days) and I love the people I do it with (again, most days). But this site is not really about what I do. It is about who I am. So, here is a brief story about some of the most important and personal parts of who I am...the story of my spiritual journey. Chapter 1 :: It Just Makes Sense I chose to believe in Jesus as a teen. It really wasn't a difficult decision or something I agonized over for months or years. It actually seemed very natural, and still does even to this day. A creator just makes sense to me. I struggle with the notion that primordial ooze found each other randomly and morphed over millennia into you and me. That takes more faith than I can muster up. It is much easier for me to believe in one greater than I who has unlimited creative skills. Every time I go camping or skiing, I am awed with the beauty of God's creation. Chapter 2 :: No, I Don't Live to Embarrass My Kids, It Just Comes Naturally Believing is one thing, behaving is another. I personally find behaving as a christian to be very difficult, partly because the teachings of Christ are hard. He demands much. There is also a stigma related to people of faith, usually in the form of some social resistance to a christian lifestyle. But mostly, it is hard because I can't seem to behave like a christian. Why? I don't have a great answer but I certainly get clues from reading Romans 7. Check it out. Fortunately, God isn't through with me yet for I am a work in progress. He is very patient. Chapter 3 :: The End is Forthcoming So, like all stories, mine has a beginning and a middle. But, my story's "end" is being scripted even as I write. My goal is to live an excellent life. I long to be a great employee for Cal Poly and an outstanding colleague to my co-workers. I desire to be a fantastic husband to my wife, a superb father to my boys, and a generous friend to my neighbors. I definitely hope to be an excellent teacher to my students. I strive to inspire them in their professions and in all their life skills. I desire to be a contributor to my profession as an excellent researcher. When the last period is put on my life's story, I long to have lived with purpose: to be generous with love, to be respectful of others, and live a life of excellence...a life worthy of the one who created me. Epilogue :: If you really want to know the truth, I fumble through most aspects of my life. Frankly, I am not nearly as kind or loving as I hope to be. I know many of my students may wonder if my faith even includes charity! I apologize for that. Really, I'm sorry. I can assure you that I am indeed growing in character and faith...maybe not every day but certainly many days. We are all on a journey. Though I have clearly not arrived, I am so grateful to God for putting me solidly on the path. Every day, I am grateful for God in my life! That, my friends, is my story. Every day, I am grateful for God in my life!

My Life

Favorite Quote

"Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities...because it is the quality which guarantees all others." -- Winston Churchill

Friends describe me

Easy going, a bit shallow, somewhat sarcastic, but generally good natured and fun

My hobbies

Water skiing, snow skiing, computing, tennis, warm & sunny locations

Fantasy dinner guests

I don't know that I have a fantasy dinner guest....I'll think about it. The practical side of me says to invite someone who is a good cook. Maybe s/he would step up and make something yummy!

Best advice I ever received

Lots of good advice over the years. The best was probably something practical like

My undergrad alma mater

Cal Poly, of course

My worst subject in school

Literature and composition

In college I drove

really beat-up VW Bug

If I weren't a professor, I would

be in personnel for an NFL team

Favorite books

Swiss Family Robinson, Wild at Heart, the Bible, Tom Sawyer

Favorite movies

Braveheart, Titanic. Lord of the Rings, Toy Story II, Raiders of the Lost Ark, most Bond flicks, most other adventure flicks

Favorite city

Rome, though I've only been once. I recently went to a very nice town with some colleagues called Venlo, Netherlands.

Favorite coffee

A strong, robust cup from wherever -- cream, no sugar

Nobody knows I

Okay, get real. If nobody knows something about me I'm certainly not going to post it here. I suppose an interesting fact YOU may not know is that I've flown in small planes, big planes, a helicopter, a hot air balloon, and even a blimp.....and I'm totally afraid of heights!

My latest accomplishment

helped my son build a potato launcher. I'm particularly proud of how the ignition system turned out 🙂