Marc Horney

I grew up outside Indio, CA where I loved being outdoors in the desert nights. Never much cared for people, but was fascinated equally by the worlds of science/mathematics/logic and the sketchings of creative human imaginations that tried in other ways to capture the essence of what is 'real'. Had a crisis in my teens (actually several, I suppose) that forced me to accept my inability to adequately control my inner direction, and the circumstances around me. That got me poking around at a variety of other things (occult, religions, atheism/'naturalism', psychology, philosophy, etc.) looking for something that might help me make sense of myself, and the universe I was trying to function in. Those paths led me on some interesting adventures. Finally I came into contact with some 'genuine' Christians, and those relationships, which persisted and matured through my relentless critiques and criticisms, became the germ out of which my own faith in Christ grew. Soon I found myself both being spiritually led, and intellectually convinced, that developing a capacity for relating with and caring for other people was a really important exercise of my faith, and consequently I embarked upon what has been an endlessly interesting and challenging life-undertaking. I am strongly disinclined to accept simple answers to complex or poorly-defined problems, though clearly people, however sophisticated they imagine themselves, struggle to either grasp or successfully implement complicated solutions. That very much feeds my divergent interests in physical and biological science, philosophy, sociology, and theology.

My Life

Favorite Quote

"For humans, life without enquiry is not worth living." - Socrates (According to Plato, "Apology" 38a)

Friends describe me

Overly fond of wise-cracks and practical jokes...

My hobbies

Automotive work, camping/hiking, electronics/computer programming, vertebrate paleontology, leatherwork, landscape photography, reading

My undergrad alma mater

Cal Poly, SLO

In college I drove

1976 Chevy Luv (tweaked and painted as a Class 7S off-road racer)

If I weren't a professor, I would

Be working out of my tent, miles from anywhere... ;^)

Favorite city

Yreka, CA