Melissa Erdmann

As an infant, I was baptized at my father's home church in rural Minnesota. My great grandmother had recently died, and we traveled from Colorado to Minnesota for the funeral. The Holy Spirit entered my heart, and I became a believer. So just as my great grandmother had no control over the moment of her death when she would meet Jesus in all of his glory, so I also had no control over the moment of my baptism, when God would reach down, forgive my sins, declare me his child, and give me new life. Stop! It's true! God is good, all-powerful, and loves each of us, every single person, dearly. Look! Look at the beauty of God's creation: the plains, the mountains, the stars, raspberries and cream, the ocean, a baby's smile. Listen! To the quiet, to water, to music, to laughter, to God speaking to us in his Word, through prayer, via life. Love. Serve. Repent. Forgive. Love one another. "Believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and love one another." 1 John 3:23 Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. "Stop! Look! Listen! Love. Serve. Repent. Forgive." God is love. God is love. God is love. Is Christianity credible? While not proving Christianity, there exists much historical and archeological evidence in support of it. Paul Maier and Lee Strobel are two of many sources in support of Christianity. In April 2020 I learned about and became a fan of the band Switchfoot. I highly recommend them. My faith is the foundation of my life; I'm happy to share more about it with you and/or listen to your thoughts and wonderings about it, too. Please drop by. I'd love to chat. You'll be offered a cup of tea. 🙂

My Life

Favorite Quote

Did you hear about the guy who invented knock-knock jokes? He won the No-bell Prize.

My hobbies

Piano. Cooking. Speaking German. Spending time outside. Reading. Chatting it up with friends and family. Traveling.

Best advice I ever received

The school year had just finished in Nebraska, and my mom was scheduled to have minor surgery on Friday in Colorado. The Sunday prior to her surgery in Nebraska an 88-year-old friend at church and I were chatting about whether I should drive back to Colorado in time for the surgery. He said, "If I don't see you on Sunday, I know where you'll be, and I won't see you." He didn't see me.

My undergrad alma mater

Luther College

My worst subject in school


Favorite books

Brothers Karamazov

Favorite coffee


My latest accomplishment

Was recently asked to represent a volleyball player at professor appreciation night.