Michael Boyette

Those two in my arms there are my twin grand daughters. My family means everything to me. Maybe it has meant too much at times because when God has wanted to test my faith, He has known exactly where to aim.

My Life

Favorite Quote

Books are our friends.

Friends describe me

Giving, forgiving, loving, spiritual, a great provider, and a counselor

My hobbies

Reading mostly, gardening, thinking.

Fantasy dinner guests

old friends

Best advice I ever received

You can do it if you try.

My undergrad alma mater

NC State

My worst subject in school

All of them at first

In college I drove

1972 brown Pinto

If I weren't a professor, I would

be a writer, preacher or farmer - or all three!

Favorite books

Bible and whatever I'm reading now

Favorite movies

I don't do movies much but the Seven Samurai is definitely a favorite.

Favorite city

Home works for me.

Favorite coffee

Black and plenty

Nobody knows I

Suffer from anxiety and shyness.

My latest accomplishment

manage to find joy in everyday things.