Phil Bishop

I love my job. I have Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, which made being a professor the ideal job for me. Being a prof allowed me to switch between writing, reading, emailing, visiting with students, without anyone noticing that I can't stay on one job very long. As a teenager, I went to the US Naval Academy where I studied engineering and science. After 8 years as a US Naval officer, I went to graduate school and earned a doctoral degree in Physical Education with a specialty in Exercise Physiology. I was at the University of Alabama from1984-2016. I love to teach, I love to write, I love to argue, I love to study, and I love to do research. If I could just figure a way to avoid grading papers, college teaching would be sheer perfection. I love being the center of attention which is one reason that I like teaching. I speak around the world. I get invited to consult or lecture on this or that topic in my very narrow specialty. In 2006 I was appointed the first professorship at Alabama named after Coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant. I enjoy the opportunities to travel, and I love the latitude I have to work on whatever topic interests me. I even think I'm quite well-paid for what I do. But, after over 37 years of college teaching, do you know what I like most about the job? I love the students. Now truthfully, not all students are particularly lovable, but as a group, students are terrific. As a group they are young, eager, interesting, energetic, with tons of potential. I especially like my graduate students because I have more contact with them for longer periods of time. I have seen my students succeed and fail, marry and divorce, buy houses, give talks, publish papers, graduate and start their own careers. I have had them in my home, taken them to conferences, met their parents, and visited with them in their homes. I have had the rare privilege of working alongside one of my former students with whom I shared the Human Performance Laboratory. I have former students scattered around the USA and around the world. I love my students, present and past. As my wife and I look back on my career in the University, we do so with great pleasure. We have been able to see things and do things we never imagined. I have been very grateful to be able to work in a large public university. All the colleagues I have known, all the students I have taught, and all the people of various titles that have taught me a great deal, have added great depth to my life. Often times I think, 'God has blessed me above all men.' My scientific research has impacted my Christian faith. As I have studied physiology, my comprehension of the breadth of our ignorance has convinced me that Jehovah G^d is who He says he is. Likewise, that we can KNOW the G^d who spoke the Cosmos into existence, but NOT fully comprehend him, convinces me he indeed IS! If you have differing views, pls feel free to let me know. I love to discuss these things.

My Life

Favorite Quote

"A man just has got to know his limitations." Dirty Harry. Some great theology there!

Friends describe me

Eccentric, humorous, frugal (cheap)

My hobbies

Exercise, deer hunting, traveling, writing

Fantasy dinner guests

Jesus, He was the GREATEST Prof who ever lived, and I have lots of questions for him!

Best advice I ever received

'If anyone wants to keep his own life safe, he will lose it. If anyone gives up his life because of me and because of the gospel, he will save it.' (Jesus to his followers)

My undergrad alma mater

US Naval Academy

My worst subject in school

French, and then Spanish, I'm terrible at language

In college I drove

1967 Chevy truck with camper shell

If I weren't a professor, I would

Be a missionary, government scientist, or outdoor writer.

Favorite books

Eugene Peterson Christ Plays in Ten Thousand places; Ken Guire>Windows of the Soul, C.S. Lewis>The Grand Miracle, Yancey and Brand> In His Image, Dickson Athol>The Gospel according to Moses,Donald Miller>Blue Like Jazz,Chuck Colson, Ellen Vaughn>The Body

Favorite movies

Princess Bride (seriously!)

Favorite city

Valdez, Alaska to visit, I prefer the country

Favorite coffee


Nobody knows I

My heritage is Cuban and 10% Ashkenazi Jewish. My grandfather immigrated to the USA from La Havana.

My latest accomplishment

I retired in 2017 and now on staff with Cru Faculty Commons! Am working on a book proposal, What Jesus says to Teachers. Working on a booklet for Success in Grad School.

Current Research

Am now retired. Currently working on a patent with my son for an improvement to exercise equipment.