Robert Bromley

I was raised in a typical 1950’s middle class home where I was sent to church and Sunday School. Work, responsibility and neatness were stressed in our family. A reasonable amount of fun and adventure was had with the kids in our neighborhood and especially at Boy Scout camp. Education was respected because Mom and Dad did not get the opportunity to finish high school. By the time I had graduated from Mt. Pleasant High, I was ready to become a “big man” on CMU’s campus. During the late 60s the atmosphere at Central was charged with intellectual and spiritual questions. Timothy Leary of Harvard was offering solutions such as free love and expanding your mind with LSD. The traditional values that I had heard at home, church and school were obviously irrelevant and I did not consider them. Besides it was easier to do what I pleased without having any absolute standards to restrict my psyche (or was that my id?). Pursuing free love was more fulfilling than obedience to oppressive rules that were 4,000 years old. Fortunately for me the women I dated did not buy into that free love stuff. Because I’m somewhat cautious I was able to graduate from CMU without getting into any serious trouble. My professional career began as a junior auditor with a national CPA firm. After much effort I passed the CPA exam (remember I graduated with a mediocre GPA). I concentrated on my career and worked hard. Rapid advancement came at the price of strict dedication to my profession. Meetings with family and friends were postponed to put in a little additional research on that new client. On one of those missed family holidays, my father died from a stroke. I got there as soon as I could but it was too late to say goodbye. All of the status or money in the world could not buy back the time I needed to say thanks or I love you. It was gone. I had spent it on the wrong things. My plan for life didn’t appear to be working too well. As I reevaluated my philosophy of life it became clear that there had to be something more to life than status, money and pleasure. Friends (even good ones) could not always be there. Possessions turned out to actually own me. Having fun or feeling good about myself did not provide any lasting reward. I needed a philosophy that was totally fulfilling, reliable and wise. Something that would always be there. I never found it. Instead I found a person, God himself. The God of the Bible - all loving, all knowing and always there. By accepting Jesus as God a lot of things have changed in my life. I have found advice for living that has never failed me. Troubles still occur. Several years ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer and died six months later. But by this time God had helped me to reassess my priorities. I was able to leave my doctoral studies and care for Mom. I would never have taken this kind of risk before becoming a Christian. Today I strive to balance all the responsibilities that go with the blessings of a wonderful wife, family and teaching. Am I a good person all of the time? Hardly. But with Christ’s help I’m becoming more of the person He wants me to be. I think God has a plan for you too. If you would ever like to talk about things, please use the comment feature at the bottom of this page.

My Life

Favorite Quote

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out! {Romans 11:33}

Friends describe me

I hope they would say that Rob is a follower of Christ

My hobbies

My grandkids, swimming, SCUBA diving, gardening

Fantasy dinner guests

Aslan, Dumnus, Susan, Lucy, Edmond, and Peter; Bilbo & Frodo Baggins with Sam, Gandalf

Best advice I ever received

Jesus is God

My undergrad alma mater

BS majoring in Accounting & Economics, MBA - U of Michigan, PhD - U of Nebraska

My worst subject in school


In college I drove

a bicycle.

If I weren't a professor, I would

Lost - I love interacting with students.

Favorite books

The Language of God

Favorite movies

The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings

Favorite city

Mt. Pleasant

Favorite coffee


Nobody knows I

I'll never tell and don't ask my fraternity brothers!

My latest accomplishment

Michigan Institute of CPAs Teacher of the year

Current Research

SAP Access Control Case Development for Accounting Systems “Algorithmic Case Pedagogy, Learning and Gender” Journal of Educational Issues. Vol. 1, No. 2, December 2015. doi:10.5296/jei.v1i2.8333. With Zhenyu Huang.