Roger Conaway

My bachelor's degree and master's degree came from Stephen F. Austin State University. My Ph.D. came from Bowling Green in Interpersonal and Public Communication. I enjoy teaching in the university classroom and made my full-time teaching debut at Central Missouri State University near Kansas City, MO. Drawn to Texas in the 1980s, I joined the College of Business Administration at the University of Texas at Tyler as a full-time faculty member, teaching business communication, ethics and research, but moved across the campus to the Department of Communication to get on tenure track. Currently, I'm a Professor of Communication. I have found that my Christian faith offers me the best supportive framework to evaluate and consider important questions about life and scholarship. Please don't misunderstand me, in the university classroom, it is one's work, effort and knowledge and mastery of the material which will determine the outcome. You will undoubtedly be confronted and challenged by ideas and scholarship at your university that interest you and that you find new, supportive, or threatening. Your task is to engage these ideas and areas of study, with the understanding that foundational beliefs about the world and life itself often provide the framework for evaluating these things. My professional activities include serving as current President of the international Association for Business Communication . I've published articles in business journals and convention proceedings, and have presented over 30 papers at national, regional, and state conferences (try Google search for Roger N Conaway). Other publications include two textbooks: first, I co-authored a college level textbook about interviewing entitled, Results-Oriented Interviewing: Principles, Practices, Procedures . Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon publishers (1999), and second, Communicating Globally: Intercultural Communication and International Business , by Sage Publishers in February 2007. I was privileged to be nominated by faculty and students for several teaching and research awards. Most recently I was the recipient of the Alphi Chi Outstanding Faculty Award in Fall 2007. In 2002 and 2007, I was the recipient of the Irvine/McGraw Hill Distinguished Paper for research from the Federation of Business Disciplines, an organization fostering excellence in business communication. I've also conducted workshops and seminars in interviewing, customer service, and effective listening.

My Life

Favorite Quote

Soli Deo Glori

Friends describe me

fun loving and serious,

My hobbies

running and travel

Fantasy dinner guests

Chuck Colson and Vicente Fox

Best advice I ever received

Love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength

My undergrad alma mater

Stephen F. Austin

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In college I drove