Ronald Cox

I would have been a corporate lawyer, if it weren't for the philosophy classes I thought would prepare me for the LSAT but instead made me think in a whole new way. I would probably be a minister, if it weren't for Karl Barth and the joyfulness of the theological endeavor. I would probably be a systematic theologian, if it weren't for my seminary Greek professor encouraging me to consider Christian theology at its inception in the first century. I would probably not understand the value of this life if it weren't for Shelly and the boys. I would be nothing without forgiveness.

My Life

Friends describe me

a dark cloud

My hobbies


Fantasy dinner guests

St Paul, Bono, Edmund Burke and Winston Churchill

Best advice I ever received

Date Shelly

My undergrad alma mater


My worst subject in school

Human Resources

In college I drove

77 Ford Thunderbird

If I weren't a professor, I would

be a weather forecaster

Favorite books

Les Miserables, Moby Dick

Favorite movies

right now:

Favorite city


Favorite coffee


Nobody knows I

You aren't Nobody, so sorry!

My latest accomplishment

My book (published in 2007)