Steve Wolfe

My Life

Favorite Quote

Don't call me a "professor," call me a "possessor!"

My hobbies

Hiking, camping, backpacking, flyfishing, reading, exploring, spending time with my wife and three daughters.

My undergrad alma mater

Central Oregon Community College and Oregon State University

My worst subject in school


In college I drove

Ford Fiesta, then a Toyota Corolla. Big guys (I'm 6'4

If I weren't a professor, I would

Probably be in full-time creation ministry (speaking, writing, leading field trips).

Favorite books

The Bible (of course); The Controversy: Roots of the Creation-Evolution Conflict

Favorite movies

Lord of the Rings (all three)

Favorite city

Greenhorn, OR -- Oregon's highest (6,300 ft.) and smallest incorporated city (population 2)

Favorite coffee

None (I can't stand coffee!)

Nobody knows I

Was my high school class valedictorian in 1984.

My latest accomplishment

Founding a (part-time) ministry called Creation Education Ministries in late 2004.