Teresa Cooper

In high school during my  "hippie days" I was known as a free spirit -- my parents probably would have termed it "out of control." I had a major change when I visited the mountains of Colorado and saw the incredible beauty and felt a surge in my spirit. I realized there was an all powerful Creator, and this knowledge has shaped my life. Dance is my work as well as my recreation. You can usually find me the first Tuesday of the month dancing to the Not so Hot Klub music ( the band my husband started) with Ms. Karen,or at any performance of Brave Combo, at churches, jams, and even to "muzak" in restaurants. I also seem to be half dolphin. I love the water.You can ask my former Ballet III students who I drug to the pool for class at least once a semester. My husband and I have been married since I was 19. He had a stroke in 2011 and our norm looks different than it did 5 years ago. We still love each other, bug each other, and are committed to one another. When you meet him ask him about his powered wheel chair. He has tried to break a few land records with it. We have three great kids. Our oldest, Kimberly, moved back in so she could follow her heart and pursue a singing career as well as help her father. She is a licensed massage therapist so it's so rough having her around. Our oldest son , Aaron, and his wife Morgana met in Namibia, Africa and fell in love while in the Peace Corps. They live in Arizona with our only grandchild, Gabriel. Of course he is the smartest, cutest, and most talented child ever. Our youngest son,Tim, and his fiancee, Paula, live here in Denton. They are tennis experts; I took tennis in college and was the worst in the class. The last thing you might want to know is that my husband and I love to have people over to our house and feed them. Throughout the years we have had eight people live with us who were not family, starting with a college student from Saudi Arabia. So, the next time your refrigerator is empty you know where to come.

My Life

Favorite Quote

"Why are you downcast o my soul, and why so disturbed within me.
Put your hope in God." the Psalms

Friends describe me

As strong, loving, game to try new things, and unique ( another term for slightly crazy).

My hobbies

Read in the summer, I love biographies. Go to movies, and watch crime shows with strong women,The Closer and Bones. Be outdoors. Walk the dog. Take dance classes. Swim. Go out for coffee with friends. Travel. One day Antarctica.

Fantasy dinner guests

Allegra Kent (Balanchine ballerina who swam), Erma Bombeck ( deceased humorist on the family), Amy Carmichael (deceased founder of orphanages in India), James Clouser( wonderful ballet teacher who has great stories).

Best advice I ever received

Don't worry about tomorrow, take each day as it comes.

My undergrad alma mater

North Texas

My worst subject in school

Tennis ( as I mentioned earlier).

In college I drove

I rode on top of the emergency brake of a Fiat Spider a 2 seater with 3 riders.

If I weren't a professor, I would

A Forest Ranger or Entertainment Director at a Head Injury Facility.

Favorite books

Endurance; Unbroken; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; The Full Cupboard of Life, the Bible.

Favorite movies

World War Z, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Ever After, the Horse Whisper, Mom's Night Out.

Favorite city


Favorite coffee

Chocolate Flavored Coffee

Nobody knows I

I have a selective fear of heights. Don't get me on a ski lift (ask Ms. Sue), or a high bridge. I love rock climbing, flying, and I plan on sky diving one day.

My latest accomplishment

I received a Mentoring Grant to go and study the ballet programs at the University of Utah and the University of Arizona.

Current Research

Teaching Ballet in a Modern Dance Program.