Thomas Thomson

This story represents some ramblings facts I've not often though about, or ever wrote about. Maybe as I write, I'll figure out where I'm going. Methodist's believe in something they call "Prevenient Grace." (Although I consider myself a Christian, rather than a Methodist, I am currently a member at a Methodist Church so some of that Methodist stuff is rubbing off on me.) Wikipedia states the following, "Prevenient grace is divine grace which precedes human decision." So when I ramble on, and think about my ramblings from a prevenient grace perspective, I have to wonder - Did God have something to do with all of this? I grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There was no expectation to go on to college, so I not really sure why I did. Somehow I knew I did not want to work in the mills that most of the adults I knew worked in. The pay was good, and most of the jobs not too difficult, but I decided to go on to university. In fact, I don't why I did so much homework as a kid, but I did - not absolutely huge amounts, but more than the average kid. In elementary school I was a pretty good student. In 8th grade I went to high school (it was close enough to walk to, so I was not bussed to a Jr. high). I struggled with math in 8th grade, so most days after school I went to the library to work on math problems. I started the year with about a C- average and was probably up to B+ by the end of the year. By grade 12, I was the best math student in the class. This experience makes me believe that if you work at math, you can learn it. I draw terribly - I'm not sure that if I worked on drawing I would ever get good at it, though I'm sure I would get better. Why does this matter? I suppose I believe that through consistent work you can get better at things. If most students applied themselves they would do well academically. So like most professors, I wish more of my students would work harder at their classes. I've always been a saver, and implicitly thought in business terms. I suppose I thought that a good christian does not think that way, so when I went to university, it never crossed my path to think about studying business. My undergraduate degree is in forest management. I grew up in a Christian home. We went to the local Baptist church every Sunday, and when out of town visited a church. I never saw my Dad (or mom for that matter) touch alcohol or heard a cuss word. Canada is much less religious country than the US so I was not 100% comfortable with the going to church thing, but I liked a lot of it. Growing up Baptist means I heard a lot about the need to make a personal commitment of faith, and tried it a few times with a little second guessing of whether it actually stuck.

My Life

Friends describe me

I think I have friends - I'll have to ask them.

My hobbies

Downhill skiing, playing guitar and bass, reading, hiking

My undergrad alma mater

University of British Columbia

My worst subject in school

English, followed by geology (my only two C's)

In college I drove

1964 Chevy Bel Air (283 V8, 2 speed automatic)

If I weren't a professor, I would

I'd rather not have a real job.

Favorite books

God in the Dock (by C. S. Lewis). Books by C. S. Lewis, Thomas Sowell, Paul Johnson, Tim Keller

Favorite movies

Jesus Christ Superstar (gotta love the 70's music, and the questions it asks are valid)

Favorite coffee

Tried coffee twice back in my undergraduate days and have concluded I am not grown up enough to drink coffee.