Todd Primm

I grew up in the church, but really became personally active in my faith and pursuing Christ in college, when I joined Cru. As a sophomore at Texas A&M, I had to ask myself if the Bible was really true. I did not want to believe it just because my parents did. One book that helped a lot at that time was "Evidence that Demands a Verdict," by Josh McDowell. In Cru I was involved in Bible study, sharing my faith with others authentically, and true community. I now serve at SHSU as an Affiliate Staff with Cru. I love serving with the students, and learn so much. It is wonderful that college students tend to be very open about beliefs and ideas, and eager to learn more. Ministry offers different challenges than my "day job," yet far more important things are a stake, and the joy and reward is greater. On the personal side, my wife and I have been married since 1993, and are blessed with four children. Marriage has taught me a lot about myself, and that I need God to truly and sacrificially love others. As someone who loves their job, I sometimes get overinvolved in it and neglect other things. A friend gave me the book "Every Good Endeavor" by Tim Keller, and it has helped me in my struggle to keep work in perspective: to try and do an excellent job at work, but not let it overtake my life. It is a great thing when God gives you work that matches your interests and passions.

My Life

Favorite Quote

"Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship." Many think it is about rules and being good. But Jesus summed it up as love God and love others.

Friends describe me

as nerdy; relaxed.

My hobbies

Reading, hiking and nature, music (I'm a drummer), any sport with a racket, running.

Fantasy dinner guests

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien

My undergrad alma mater

Texas A&M University

My worst subject in school

Calculus = yuck

In college I drove

a bike.

Favorite books

Everything by C.S. Lewis, Tim Keller, Ravi Zacharias, and K.P. Yohannan

Favorite movies

LOTR, Groundhog Day, Family Man.

Favorite city

Hamilton, Montana

Favorite coffee

Starbucks Willow blond roast

Current Research

I work on the microbiome, the community of all microorganisms on an animal. Our bodies are covered with microbes, which have major effects on nutrition, infection, and other aspects of our health. My primary interest is how antibiotics affect our normal microbiota, how they recover and possible negative side effects. Having students involved in research is the best part of my job.