Tommy Phillips

I became a Christian a little later in the game than many folks, acknowledging Christ as my Lord and Savior right when I was just entering middle age. I grew up in a family that I would describe as only nominally Christian and attended church only a couple of handfuls of times throughout childhood and adolescence. I had absolutely no true relationship with Jesus though. I think you could say that I knew about Jesus, but I didn't KNOW Jesus. Starting in adolescence and continuing through most of my adult life, I sought peace, satisfaction, joy, contentment, and security in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways (e.g., a party lifestyle, money, Eastern religions, atheism, the occult, degrees, awards/recognitions). Basically, I was chasing after all the things the world says make for a good, happy, contented life. YET the things the world says make for a good, happy, contented life weren't making me happy or contented. I reached a point where I suppose that I was doing okay by the world's standards, ultimately earning a Ph.D. and landing a gig as a college professor. I got married and our family grew as children started coming along (we now have 4 precious, healthy boys). My wife and I bought our first home. I was earning a bigger paycheck than I had ever earned in my life. But something was lacking. I had no peace. True joy was absent in my life. I didn't feel secure. I was inwardly tense and anxious all the time. I had followed the world's recipe for success, happiness, peace, contentment, and so on, but the end product didn't look like the picture on the box. Thankfully, although I didn't want anything to do with Jesus, He never gave up on me or quit pursuing me. I finally quit running away from and fighting against Him and received Him as my personal Lord and Savior in the shower (of all places!) in the first home that my wife and I bought together. That simple act of giving my life to Christ and saying to Him, "Lord, I'm tired and worn out. I'm stressed and worried and unhappy all the time. I can't do it on my own. I need your help. Please help me Jesus." has made all the difference. I'm still very much a work in progress, and my life is by no means an endless stream of rainbows and sunshine. I still mess up on pretty much a daily basis, and my life still has its ups and downs. However, I'm a far different person than I used to be, and I can say without hesitation that my life is far better than it once was. I feel like I'm rambling now, so I'll close by mentioning what I hope people will learn from my story: Only Jesus can provide you with what you're truly looking for. Without Jesus, you'll always seek, never to find.

My Life

Favorite Quote

“Fourscore and six years have I served him, and he has never done me injury; how then can I now blaspheme my King and Savior?”

Friends describe me

as a man of faith.

My hobbies

Gardening, raising chickens, passing football and shooting basketball with my sons, spending time with my wife and children, driving in the country, coaching youth sports, and just being outside.

Fantasy dinner guests

Smith Wigglesworth, Angus Buchan (a South African evangelist), Billy Graham. From the Bible: Jesus (obviously), Joshua, Peter, Paul

Best advice I ever received

Keep God first, and everything else will fall into place.

My undergrad alma mater

University of West Georgia

My worst subject in school

Hmm...Chemistry or Accounting

In college I drove

a series of junk cars that were always breaking down on me.

If I weren't a professor, I would

be a farmer, running a little agritourism farm so to provide families a clean, wholesome place to visit and have fun together. At least that's my dream

Favorite books

The Bible

Favorite movies

High Noon, Shane, most John Wayne westerns

Favorite city

I try to avoid cities as much as possible.

Favorite coffee

Good old Maxwell House (breakfast blend, preferably) with two sugars and cream.

My latest accomplishment

Being promoted and awarded tenure.

Current Research

Methods and strategies used to overcome challenging situations.