W. Bryce Hagedorn

Life has truly been a journey for me and I’ve learned much along the way. From the deserts of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (as a US Marine) to the halls of academia, I have been truly blessed to have lived what feels like several lives. Along the way, I’m had more than my share of failures (and blessedly, some accomplishments too) that have empowered me to recognize the struggles of others in a fairly unique way. I’ve walked many of the paths that my clients and students have and thus feel equipped to come alongside them to demonstrate the grace and truth that have been shared with me. In addition to God being my focal point, my wife and children hold the most special places in my heart and constantly remind me how truly blessed I am to have such wonderful fellow travelers.

My Life

Favorite Quote

“Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity.” -- St. Augustine

Friends describe me

As good humored, willing to go the extra mile, structured/organized, and busy.

My hobbies

Triathlon/adventure racing, reading, playing with my kids, and movies

Fantasy dinner guests

Jesus (at the head of the table of course), C.S. Lewis, and Andy Stanley

Best advice I ever received

“Trust the Process”, which involves acknowledging and accepting one’s current feelings, circumstances, and experiences as a means to learning something about oneself, life, and the Lord (i.e. do not avoid/numb/deny/manipulate one’s circumstances until you know what you’re supposed to “get”).

My undergrad alma mater

University of Illinois - Chicago

My worst subject in school

English Literature (in undergrad), Statistics (in graduate school)

In college I drove

Motorcycle, Camaro, Ford EXP

If I weren't a professor, I would

be a fireman/paramedic

Favorite books

Odd Thomas (series) by Dean Koontz

Favorite movies

Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avengers

Favorite city

San Francisco

Favorite coffee

Vanilla Hazelnut from Einstein Brothers

Nobody knows I

like playing video games (when I have a free moment)

My latest accomplishment

• Named “Distinguished Alumni” by PhD granting institution, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. • Helped my 7 year-old son learn to ride a two-wheeler (without training wheels!)

Current Research

• Integration of spirituality and counseling • Addicted family systems