Wes Fondren

Coming soon.

My Life

Friends describe me

that guy that fixes their computer.

My hobbies

College football, technology, cooking

Fantasy dinner guests

Jesus, St. Peter, Flannery O'Connor, and Bear Bryant

Best advice I ever received

Look both ways before crossing the street; what a lifesaver.

My undergrad alma mater

The University of Alabama-BA in psychology

My worst subject in school

Chemistry and history (although I think a good teacher could have helped)

In college I drove

1973 Oldsmobile Omega (about seven shades of red)

If I weren't a professor, I would

be a pastor. Why? What'd you hear about me not being a professor anymore??

Favorite books

The Complete Works of Flannery O'Conner, Lord of the Rings, APA Publication Manual (just kidding)

Favorite movies

The Godfather, just about anything by the Coen brothers, P.T. Anderson, and early Wes Anderson

Favorite city

Tuscaloosa, AL

Favorite coffee

Guatemalan Antiqua and Costa Rican Peaberry

Nobody knows I

have my best thoughts standing in the shower trying to wake-up.

My latest accomplishment

Emptying my inbox (yah!).