Debbie Smith

I grew up in a Christian home and participated in many church activities each week. At the age of 13, I walked down the aisle and gave my life to Christ. I soon found out that I needed much more in my teen and college years, than a walk down the aisle. After walking up "fool's hill," I found myself empty and alone. I had lost my father to a sudden heart attack and was deeply concerned about how my mom would survive. In desperation, I called a friend and told her that I could not make it on my own anymore. She replied that I was where I needed to be now. At this point, I realized that Christ needed to be both Lord and Savior of my life, so I could let him take the burdens that I could not bear on my own. I began to read, pray and study the Bible daily and found the power to cope with all of the issues that come with living. As I poured myself into service for the Lord, I found fulfillment and blessing. I was single until the age of 43, when I found the man God had mapped out to be with me. We are abundantly blessed each day with the richness and joy that comes from doing all we are called to do in service for our great God.

My Life

Favorite Quote

whatever you choose to do, do it with passion and honor to God!

Friends describe me

Active, fun, passionate, generous

My hobbies

working out, outdoor activities, reading

Fantasy dinner guests


Best advice I ever received

when difficult times come, look first at yourself & how you can change to make things better!

My undergrad alma mater

Madison College (aka James Madison University)

My worst subject in school


If I weren't a professor, I would

probably pursue something in medicine

Favorite books

Frank Peretti

Favorite movies

anything w/ Harrison Ford in it!!

Favorite city

Myrtle Beach to visit

Nobody knows I

wanted a football uniform for Christmas when I was said no!

My latest accomplishment

promoted at work...praise God!!